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The dangers of over walking Print E-mail
Friday, 18 August 2017 08:52
We were sorry to see the BBC 2 programme 10 Puppies ending last night and wish all the new owners (especially the delightful Delia and her Leonberger) the very best of luck with their puppies. But we were appalled to see the "canine expert" advising the owners of seven month old Labrador Pippa to walk her for a couple of hours. This is much too much for such a young dog and we really hope that not only do Pippa's owners ignore her advice but that anyone watching with a large breed puppy also does, to avoid damaging growing joints. The golden rule is: five minutes for each month of life - ie 30 minutes at 6 months old and one hour at a year. Remember too that the more you walk a dog the more he will expect/want!
It's not always the puppy's fault! Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 August 2017 11:12

A delightful series on BBC2 (part 3 tonight) looks at how 10 puppies cope with their new owners!  To date, the majority of owners appear to be pretty clueless - with the exception of Will and his Border Collie Jura - which obviously makes for entertaining television.  Just as potential parents don't undergo training in parenthood, would-be dog owners often start with minimal knowledge.  Not only do puppies have to learn right from wrong but so do children:  three year old Isadora would certainly benefit from hearing the word "No!"

On the subject of television programmes, Animal Rescue Live:Supervet Special is running every night this week on Channel Four in an attempt to re-home as many animals as possible.  It's also a great reminder of how some dogs simply hate being hugged tightly - just watch how many can't wait to escape Noel Fitzpatrick's loving clutches!

Looks triumph over temperament Print E-mail
Monday, 31 July 2017 14:05

The Royal Veterinary College studied nearly 500,000 German Shepherds in 2013 and concluded that many are dying from musculoskeletal problems.  Too many breeders are breeding for cosmetic traits such as lower hindquarters and sloping backs resulting in the deaths of one in six.  Of course, German Shepherds are not the only breed to have suffered from such selective breeding: other breeds can't breathe or give birth naturally, for example.  This is where the Kennel Club should step in .... but doesn't.  Temperament should be everything in any breed - not looks.

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