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New laws on the sale of puppies Print E-mail
Friday, 03 February 2017 16:15

New laws on the sale of puppies have been proposed:

1. The sale of puppies under 8 weeks is illegal

2. Anyone breeding three or more litters a year must apply for a formal licence

3. Sellers must provide written information about the animal they are selling

4. Online puppy sellers must display their licence number

Certainly the laws are a step in the right direction but do they go far enough?  Will they stop the unscrupulous conning the naive?  How easy will it be to falsify the date of birth? How many of the public will realise they should insist on seeing a licence number?  We believe that the term "puppy farmer" is misleading - in that most of these back street breeders appear to be very nice people showing puppies in nice, suburban homes - not farms, which is the impression many of the public have.  Just as important as a licence number is for the potential puppy buyer to see the puppy with its mother.

Play on! Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 February 2017 13:31

It is common practice for owners to leave the radio on as company for their dogs when they have to go out.  Now researchers at Glasgow University have investigated what type of music dogs like best!  A previous study found dogs liked classical music but got bored with it after a day (forget Classic FM then!) but the new study found that soft rock and reggae lowered dogs' stress levels - measured through heart rates and saliva samples - and improved their behaviour.  The Scottish SPCA are so impressed with the results that they are going to buy sound systems to pipe music into the kennels of all their re-homing centres.

Dog poo Print E-mail
Thursday, 19 January 2017 14:44

Dog poo is always a problem - thanks to those owners who don't clean up after their dogs.  Now a mayor in southern France has decided on a novel way of tackling the problem.  He plans to take the DNA of every dog in town so that owners can be traced and fined when their dog fouls the pavement.  He believes that a genetic database is the only way to keep the streets clean.  We see two problems with this plan: how are you going to recruit people prepared to scoop the poop and examine it, and how do you catch visitors and those passing through the town?  On this messy subject, we would just like to ask people NOT to desecrate the countryside with poo bags, hanging from trees and fences.  If you are prepared to scoop it, either put in a bin or if there isn't one nearby, take it home.  (Wrapped in another bag there is little smell). 

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