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A thank-you that backfired Print E-mail
Friday, 29 September 2017 12:51
It must have seemed like such a brilliant idea of Sainsbury's: to post out a thank-you bar of chocolate to hundreds of their loyal shoppers. Unfortunately nobody foresaw that some dogs would get to the chocolate before their owners - resulting in a trip to the vet for a few. With that unmentionable time of the year fast approaching, it's a timely reminder that chocolate can be fatal for dogs because it contains theobromine - so be sure to keep it well out of reach....
Caring for a poorly dog Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 September 2017 10:21
As loving owners we would all like our dogs just to slip away in their sleep when the time comes. Sadly that happens all too rarely leaving most owners having to make the very difficult decision of when to let go. Dogs are part of our family and so it's not surprising that American researchers have found when the dog is unwell it can have a massive psychological impact on the owner, in terms of stress, anxiety and depression. And when the dog suffers with chronic or terminal disease, suffering in the owner is exacerbated. There is little in the research findings that can help the owner to cope with the problems but it is hoped that it will help vets to better understand client distress and the challenges involved in caring for a sick canine member of the family.
Anti dog? Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 September 2017 14:33
Once upon a time Britain was regarded as a nation of dog lovers. But now? In April last year a Northamptonshire council was the first to introduce on the spot fines for dog owners who failed to carry poo bags - and other councils soon followed. Canterbury Council in Kent is just one that is also intending to fine dog owners £80 if they are caught without at least 2 bags. It is proposed that council workers or police officers will have the power to stop anyone walking their dog in a public park or on a footpath and ask if they have sufficient bags. But how many bags are you supposed to carry at any one time? We agree wholeheartedly that owners must clear up after their dogs - although we deplore the common practice of leaving the bags beside the path or, even worse, hanging them from trees and bushes - but are these new measures not a little over the top? Further proof that we are increasingly anti dog: beaches that ban dogs and councils that ban people walking more than four dogs at one time on public land.
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