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Bling bling dogs Print E-mail
Monday, 03 July 2017 14:44

Dogs give us so much - and ask so little in return.  All they want is a warm, dry place to sleep, regular and appropriate food, exercise and human companionship.  What they don't need are fancy clothes and jewellery, four poster pet beds, "weddings" and all the other paraphernalia some owners, with more money than sense, lavish on them.  Last week's ITV programme on posh pets was a real opener as to how bonkers some people can be!

Dogs ... the best medicine of all Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 June 2017 13:08

It has long been accepted that dogs are good for people, physically and mentally. They encourage us to take exercise resulting in lower blood pressure and other benefits and help the lonely to make friends. For many older people, a dog is their sole companion and lifeline.  Which is why it is so depressing that 70% of UK care homes ban pets - unlike the US, France, Norway and Switzerland who have laws forcing providers to accept elederly residents' pets.  Each year thousands of dogs are destroyed because their owners go into care homes while more than 100,000 are rehomed.  Recently the Royal College of Nursing said it thought pets should be able to visit their owners in hospital since such a visit helps patients recover more quickly.  Of course nobody is suggesting that horses, dogs, cats and rabbits start galloping around in intenisve care but surely a well behaved dog would not disrupt a long stay or rehab ward? 

20 minutes is 20 minutes too long Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 June 2017 13:20

The current heatwave is a mixed blessing for us humans but for dogs it is utter misery.  We have been appalled to see how many people are walking their dogs in the heat of the day; they simply do not need this.  Walk them first or last thing or, if that's not possible, don't walk them at all.  And despite all the publicity, people are still leaving dogs in cars.  In the last few days officers in Devon and Cornwall have been called to 40 cases - and that's in just two counties!  Yesterday a man from Kent was arrested in Sussex for causing unnecessary suffering to his dog after leaving it for more than four hours at lunchtime.  The police say even 20 minutes is too long, in these temperatures.

And while we are on the subject of cruelty, we were shocked to learn of the owner who had more than 30 dogs living in such appalling conditions that three of them had to be put down.  Margaret Greaves has been banned from keeping dogs for life, sentenced to 12 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months and fined £615.  Is that sufficient punishment for such wanton cruelty?

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