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Killer dogs Print E-mail
Saturday, 20 August 2016 14:12

In less than a week two people have been killed by dogs, in unrelated incidents.  In the first, a man was trying to protect his Yorkshire terrier, in the second a 3 year old boy was happily playing.  The two horrific killings have thrown light on the Dangerous Dogs Act - and why it's emphasis on breeds is ineffective.  In fact, in the first case the dog had been seized as a pit bull type and then once measurements proved it not to be, released back to the owner.  Here at the CBC we believe the Act needs re-writing and rather than ban certain breeds the focus needs to be on behaviour.  Dogs that behave in a danergously aggressive way should be seized - irrespective of their breed.  But it is important to remember that no dog is born aggressive: the way it is reared will determine its behaviour.


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