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Dogs at the seaside Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 July 2016 14:37

We were surprised to see the Dogs' Trust suggesting people take their dogs to the beach for the day.  Here at the CBC we don't agree for a variety of reasons.  Firstly, there does not tend to be any shade on a beach so a day spent sitting in the sun can be miserable at best for a dog and at worst, result in heatstroke.  Secondly, the sand can irritate dogs' ears and eyes.  And thirdly, there will be many young children enjoying a day at the seaside - a large hairy, albeit friendly, dog can prove a terrifying experience for them.  (Plus most dogs have a tendency to relieve themselves on the highest point which is often a sandcastle!) Lots of dogs love swimming in the sea - although an equal number don't - but again think of other swimmers.  Many beaches ban dogs during the summer months so if you are going to take the dog for a day out, check first that they are allowed.  And whilst you may think you are being kind letting your dog share your cooling ice cream, don't forget it can upset their digestive systems.  We have to admit we are lucky here in that we live just 10 minutes from the sea so during the summer holidays we walk at 6am and are gone by 8am, long before the holidaymkers arrive!  The dogs can then enjoy the cool of the house for the rest of the day...


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