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Huggability Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 May 2016 09:35

Dr Stanley Coren, the well known and highly respected canine psychology expert, has carried out a study into whether dogs like being hugged.  His results are interesting: 81% appeared stressed and uncomfortable when they were enfolded in a human's arms.  Signs of anxiety included flattened ears, half moon eyes or avoiding eye contact altogeter, yawning and licking the lips.  Only 7.6% of the dogs seemed comfortable while the remaining 10.8% were the canine equivalent of "don't knows." Dr Coren advises owners to save hugs for humans and reward the dog with a stroke or a treat.  Although it is important to remember that there is a tremendous variation between dogs, owners should be aware of these results and if necessary, avoid causing their dog anxiety.  So next time you go to cuddle him just watch his reaction - to ensure that he is enjoying it as much as you.


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