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Deadly chips? Print E-mail
Monday, 04 April 2016 11:27

The law requiring all dogs from the age of eight weeks to be microchipped comes into force on Wednesday.  For the vast majority of dogs, this is a simple, painless procedure.  But Richard Allport, the vet who promotes natural medicine and food, says that it could produce severe adverse reactions in small breeds and he advises owners of these dogs to wait until they are fully grown before abiding by the law.  What is the evidence for this?  It is claimed that "several animals" have died as a result of chipping including a Yorkie which developed cancer at the site of the implant and later died while a chihuahua suffered an extreme bleed and died within hours of the chipping.  Both examples are American and have been denounced as scaremongering by the British Veterinary Association who insist that microchipping is a harmless procedure.


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