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Cats v Dogs: Which is Best? Print E-mail
Friday, 05 February 2016 13:42

This television programme deserves a prize: for stupidest title.  Best at what?  Best at climbing trees?  Best at tricks?  Shame on BBC2 for dumbing down what could have been an interesting programme showing how the different species have evolved over the years to develop different behaviours.  If you can stand the silly presenters, it is interspersed with some interesting facts and research.  For example, the huge number of receptors in a dog's nose that allowed the Pointer to air-scent presenter Packham simply by his dead skin was fascinating.  But trying to "discover" which is the more intelligent is a classic example of lack of human intelligence!  Intelligence is a multi faceted topic: some cats would score higher than dogs on certain aspects, while there is huge variation within the dog population. 


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