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Pub training Print E-mail
Friday, 29 January 2016 14:39

Here in Suffolk we are incredibly lucky in that most pubs are very dog friendly.  But I worry that an irresponsible minority may spoil it for the majority.  Today we were in a well known local pub with a two year old English setter who happily and quietly lay under the table, emerging only to take the barman's offering of biscuits.  Then a couple came in with two dogs and to our amazement put marrow bones and bowls of very smelly tinned foods down on the floor.  (Never seen this before - and hope never to see it again).  But worse was to come: a group of friends entered with an assortment of dogs, one of which kept on barking.  Every time it did so, its owner told it to shush - so, of course, it barked again.  Great way of getting attention!  The other dogs were all pulling and leaping around and then one escaped and its owner asked the barman if he minded it running loose.  He might not - but a dogless couple in the corner trying to enjoy their lunch clearly did and they beat a hasty retreat.  Owners need to remember that not everyone likes dogs and that they should ensure their dogs sit quietly under the table, bothering nobody.  If not, we may find more pubs closing their doors to our four legged friends.


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