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Well done Beau! Print E-mail

The Forever Puppy - front cover - SWe are delighted - and very proud - to say that sales of The Forever Puppy have raised £449.15 towards a new ultrasound machine at the University of Cambridge Veterinary School. Read more...

The Queen's Veterinary Hospital is a world-renowned referral and teaching hospital, treating over 4,000 seriously ill and injured animals a year.  But the Hospital receives only limited government funding so new equipment needs to be paid for by other means.  The ultrasound machine is a valuable diagnostic tool for examinations of the abdomen, heart, thorax, musculoskeletal system, eyes and thyroid - but it is over 12 years old and urgently needs replacing.

Flatcoated retriever puppy Beau was treated at the Hospital and so it seemed right that he should help raise funds in return.  For every paperback and e book sold between January and the end of May through either the Canine Behaviour Centre or Amazon we donated the full purchase price (not just the profits or proceeds) to the Hospital.

At the end of March we sent a cheque for £248.52 which we thought was probably just a drop in the ocean but the Trust says: " ...it is anything but that and has helped us get tantalisingly close to our goal! We are very grateful for your support and would like to thank everyone who contributed to making this donation in memory of Beau possible."  Now we are sending a cheque for £200.63.  So if you are one of those people who helped by buying the book, a big thank you! 

The fund raising has finished but of course The Forever Puppy by Deborah Bragg is still available for £5.99 paperback (plus postage) or £2.00 for a PDF version. If you would like a personal dedication in the book please give details in the Customer’s Note section at the checkout.

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