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Dog mess Print E-mail
Friday, 09 October 2015 13:29

Daventry council in Northampton has decided to fine dog walkers £100 who do not carry a poop bag - irrespective of whether the dog has made a mess.  The plan comes into force on December 1 although fines will not be issued until January; until then advice and warnings will be offered.  How is this going to be policed?  Is every dog owner going to be apprehended and asked to produce a bag?  What if you go out with three bags, use them all and then get stopped?  In this part of the country, dog walkers tend to be very responsible and pick up the mess.  But then they leave the bag on the side of the path!  At least dog mess rots down - which is more than can be said for a plastic bag.  If you think Daventry's approach to the problem is over the top, take a look at Germany where it is estimated that 1,400 tonnes of dog faeces are deposited daily on public property.  There is now a plan for DNA samples to be taken from every dog when its licence is due for renewal - so that the mess can be matched to the culprit!


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