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Depressed dogs Print E-mail
Monday, 06 July 2015 11:22

Dogs are naturally social animals - so being left home alone for hours on end can result in aggression or destructive behaviour.  A study by a UK vet group suggests that as many as 80% of Britain's 10 million dogs suffer from depression and other disorders.  Earlier this year the PDSA blamed problem behaviour on dogs being left alone for hours while their owners are at work, and in June a Swiss study claimed that our frenetic lifestyles cause dogs psychological stress and anxiety.  Many vets are treating anxious dogs with anti depressants such as diazepam, xanax and fluoxetine which may offer respite to the owner but without the additional use of therapy, the dogs never learn to cope with their anxiety.  Drugs may be a quick fix but with time and patience many dogs learn to relax without any medication at all.  Surely therapy, rather than drugs, should be a caring owner's first port of call?


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