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What does YOUR dog do when you are out? Print E-mail
Monday, 29 June 2015 09:50

The Secret Life of Dogs currently showing on television makes use of hidden cameras to see what dogs get up to when their owners are out.  If you have a camcorder this is an idea well worth copying.  When left alone, my older dog Rosco does not move from his bed but is "on guard" the whole time, tensely listening for the sound of my return.  No question of closing his eyes, even for a second.  The youngster, Beau, is a picture of boredom rather than anxiety.  He pads around, has a look up on the tables for anything I've forgotten to put away, gets into the armchair (where he is allowed), heaves a huge sigh before padding around again looking for trouble and watching out of the window for anything of interest.  If we lived on a busy high street, he'd be very happy; unfortunately there is nothing and nobody for him to look at.  When the two are left together, the body language of each is more relaxed but they do not interact with each other at all.  Fascinating!


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