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Danger in the garden Print E-mail
Tuesday, 09 June 2015 10:03

June is a glorious month for gardens: houses and arches are covered in wisteria and clematis, the flower beds are blooming with delphiniums, lupins, peonies and poppies, and tubs are full of colourful marigolds, begonias and lobelias. But all these plants - and more (even the humble tomato plant) - are potentially poisonous to dogs. Puppies are most at risk because they tend to eat everything they see whereas older dogs usually have more sense. The effects range from tummy aches to possibly fatal damage to the nervous system, kidneys and liver. Insurance firm More Than found that one in 12 pets has eaten poisonous plants or flowers, half were sufficiently ill to need a vet and 15% died.


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