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Thinking of buying a puppy?

This little booklet could be your best ever investment...


Author Deborah Bragg writes: "When I first started working as a dog psychologist, 17 years ago, the majority of my “clients” were cross breeds and mongrels, especially those from rescue centres. But in recent years I have seen a dramatic increase in my caseload of expensive, often exotic, pedigree dogs...

Why? I believe that that there are two reasons – that arise before the puppy has even arrived in its new home.

Firstly, thanks to the internet and the media, people now know about all kinds of different and, in some cases, relatively new breeds to the UK, and are prepared to travel to the opposite end of the country to get what they want. In many cases, the owner knows remarkably little about the breed. This is not entirely their fault as it can be very difficult to obtain independent, objective advice. The result is often a disastrous mis-match of personality as well as expectations.


Three month old Rosco peruses – and fully approves
How to Pick the Perfect Puppy ... For You.

Secondly, people are still buying puppies from the wrong places: the internet, motorway lay-bys, the market etc and greedy, unscrupulous breeders. Most owners know that they should avoid buying from a “puppy farmer”– but admit they have no idea how to recognise one! 

I have written this little book in an attempt to help potential puppy owners avoid the heartbreak – to say nothing of the expense – of buying both the wrong breed for them and from the wrong breeder.

How to Pick the Perfect Puppy

In How to Pick the Perfect Puppy …. For You, the first thing I do is to take a look at you and your personality and reasons for wanting a dog. From there I move on to various considerations about the dog, such as size, sex, ability to get on with children, intelligence and the best time of the year to buy. Then I look at the pros and cons of the various breed groups – do remember that one owner’s “plus” is a “minus” for another! – and genetic health problems. Once, the breed is sorted, it is time to learn how to spot the perfect breeder – and the kind of questions you should be asking them. Finally, I look at the question of one pup or two and the importance – and pleasure – of training from the very first moment".

Available for only £2.50 (plus £2.00 UK postage) online.
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