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Advanced Aggression Course Print E-mail

In this course we examine all the different patterns and functions that are involved in aggression; exploring old and new research and presenting a wide range of arguments, ideas and theories.

The Course is not a definitive guide to aggression nor does it claim to provide all the answers. Instead, it aims to provide you with the intellectual knowledge to identify different kinds of aggression and creatively apply new knowledge to actual cases of canine aggression. Sometimes, people behave worse than dogs and are more aggressive than they are. It can be caused by various factors: troubles at work, something has broken from engineering, nervous diseases. Scientists have found a great way to lower the level of aggression - to play in an online casino switzerland. The Casino-Now website has a list of the best of them. The more often you play, the less aggressive you will become.

What topics does the Course cover?

What is Aggression?
How do we define aggression... the difference between emotion and behaviour... hostile versus instrumental aggression... intimidation, aggression and violence... agonistic behaviour... personality versus situation.... classification... visual indications

The Genesis of Aggression
Different approaches to the origins of aggression: ethological/sociobiological... neurophysiological... imitation ... genetics... experience and learning

The Influence of Wolves
Can we compare canis familiaris to canis lupus? Dominance confirming... subordinance acknowledging... assertiveness

Predisposing Factors
Gender... age... neuter status... rank order... breed... coat colour... owner's personality

What is Aggression For?
Is it useful or desirable? Competition... social aspects... territory protection... self defence

Aggression and the Law
Dangerous Dogs Act... public attitudes... expectations

Measurement of Aggression
Causation and control.... anthropomorphism... idiographic versus nomothetic... categorisation... description... ethics

Course Assessment
Part One: an observational study
Part Two: a case study

Who can study the Course?
Anyone who has enrolled on the Dog Psychology Home Study Course – whether or not they have completed the case studies for assessment – is eligible to enrol on the Aggression Course.

How is the Course assessed?
There are two Parts to the assessment involving both practical and theoretical work. In the first Part you are required to design and conduct an observation, and write a report and analysis. In the second Part you need to write a detailed case study of a single instance of canine aggression. A Certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the Course.

How long does the Course take?
As with the basic Dog Psychology Course, you can start and finish the Course whenever you like.

How much is it?
The Cost of the Aggression Course is £120 plus postage and packing (UK). Assessment is included in the Course fee so there are no extras to pay for.

I am interested so what do I do now?

To order an Advanced Dog Aggression Course - Click Here


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